About Me

Hello, My name is Love Kayee. I’ve been intensively observing e-motions for years.

I establishe change by seeking out the root cause of each sitaution through the guidence of my e-motions.

You will be surprised how much of our external world changes once aware of what is keeping us connected to them.

With your approval, I will guide you through the process of analyzing your reality through the lens of your emotions.

While with therapy you talk to return and feel heard. I aim to teach you these tools for yourself, so you don’t need to lean on others to observe what is happening within or external of you.

My sensitivity

My sensitivity allows me to tune into what it is you feel. From that space of awareness I am able to truly help you.


My goal is to make you realise you are worthy just as you are.

All your problems are temporary while you’re infinite.

Things that happen in life isn't always your fault, however for how long they keep repeating themselves you might (consciously or unconsciously)  play a role in that.

I want to guide you, not to what I believe is right

but back to your own voice for you to feel what is right.


  • Honest
  • Your attitude should be to learn and rise on your own.                 
  • Open to the world of energies
  • Age is nothing more than a number

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